Join Mystery Thriller Week


Event Time

24 hours a day from Feb. 12-22, 2017. This is an international event and even though the times are listed as EST, the event has been open and welcoming to authors and bloggers all over the world.

Event Location

Takes place all over the internet.  On blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and the MTW website There will be a current event calendar listing all the blogs that are participating as well as what book they are reviewing or interview they are conducting. There are workshops on Facebook and live chats that will be linked. Then we will link to the hourly author and specialist events hosted on Facebook. During the week, the events page is definitely the place to be.

Event Details

Mystery Thriller Week is actually eleven days in February meant to promote, celebrate and share mystery and thriller authors and their books.For readers and writers, we have contests that will be running throughout the event.  There will be workshops available for writers to hone their writing skills with professionals. Once again the events will be publicized on the website and will also be posted in the Facebook group Mystery Thriller Week Annual Event. All fans, readers, reviewers and authors are welcome there as a fun environment to connect with authors and bloggers. We also have contributing writers providing articles before and during the event.  So pay attention to the website for these amazing posts.


Benjamin Thomas, Sherrie Marshall Spitz, and Vicki Goodwin

What gave you idea for the event?

Benjamin Thomas and I worked on Comedy Book Week earlier this year. Benjamin came to me in October and said he had been thinking about having a similar event with a favorite genre, mystery and thriller. I was so excited  because I had been thinking along a similar line myself. So we began to talk about the options and the possibilities and it just started rolling. Benjamin secured the website and I began writing letters to authors and bloggers that I knew and had worked with and communicated with and it started growing from there. Benjamin began to recruit craft writers and  experts as well as publicists we located that began to spread the word to their clients.  As it began to grow Benjamin brought in Sherrie and then we just began to work together complimenting each other with our own skill set.

What will readers get out of the event?

  • Personal contact with the authors of their favorite genre.
  • Books to read from both new and established authors.
  • Live events where readers and fans can ask questions and communicate with authors and experts.
  • An opportunity to enter and win contests featuring mystery and thriller content.
  • A list of books that will whet their appetite to read.

There is so much to gain from this eleven-day event!!

What will writers get out of the event?

  • Writers will have the opportunity to have focused attention on their book and their brand.
  • They will be able to meet their fans and make new fans simply by having their books in the spotlight.
  • Writers also are able to promote their fellow authors and form connections with each other.
  • It also will provide new experiences to those writers that have never hosted an online live event.
  • With over 60 bloggers and reviewers they are able to be in a position to be interviewed, have their books reviewed and put their characters in the spotlight as well.


What types of books will be featured?

When we decided to open this to the sub-genres of mystery and thriller genre, we did not realize just how many sub genres that covered.

  • Detective Inspectors
  • Crime scene investigators
  • Amateur sleuths
  • Women PI’s
  • Hard-core detectives
  • Teenage detectives
  • Thrillers
  • Environmental, psychological, serial killer, political intrigue
  • Terrorists
  • Good old fashioned thrillers
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Paranormal Mysteries
  • Legal thrillers and mysteries and more!

What’s the best part about organizing everything?

Meeting and working with so many highly intelligent and creative people. Finding out that authors get stage fright and resist stepping out of their comfort area. Placing all the available writers in access to the reviewers, interviewers and bloggers.  Coming up with ideas that when you mention it to the team, they get as excited as you were thinking of it.  I love when Benjamin says, I had this idea. I know it is going to be great. I also love when Sherrie says  I am sending you this outline for a new contest or new blog post. I get so excited to see what she has come up with. It is a mutual appreciation and we are all getting so much out of it.  It is like the trifecta of wonderful people, wonderful ideas, and a wonderful event.

How can readers get involved?

Readers can go to and sign up at the  new readers and fans sign up. You will receive the newsletters, access to the Facebook group and page , the opportunity to enter the contests and win fabulous prizes as well as be the recipient to many special giveaways.

How can writers get involved?

Writers can go to and sign up as an author or specialist. Once they sign up they will be able to offer books for review, be contacted for interviews, have blogs post book excerpts and more. We will be accepting new authors until January 12, 2017. The cut off allows time for their books to be read and reviewed also time enough for interviews and other creative promotion ideas.