The Night Reader (a poem) 

After dusk 
We turn to dust 
And fly into the night 
Where horses prance 
and witches dance
Bathed in bright moonlight 

From fairies wings 
We hear them sing 
Of perils they must face 
We hear the sound
And hit the ground 
To give the villains chase

The sleuths will sleuth
Discover the truth
We watch the heroes rise 
Come what may 
They’ll save the day 
Reveal the truth and lies 

Through the mist 
The lovers kiss
For love will conquer all 
We’ll travel through time 
Where warriors shine 
And stand mighty and tall

We’ll shake and shiver
And gasp and quiver
When we have to face the ghosts
Be it real or fake 
We have what it takes 
We’re more experienced than most 

Through brand new lands 
We all demand 
Perhaps just one more chapter 
We’ve loved and cried 
Gasped and sighed 
And filled the night with laughter

But it’s close to dawn 
We’ve journeyed too long 
We close the book with sorrow 
Turn out the light 
And say goodnight 
More adventure awaits tomorrow 



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