Teaser Tuesday- Unnatural Witch

Teaser Tuesday! Here is an excerpt that I’ve been working on from my new series. Some of you might recognize it as a expansion of the short story series that I had published on here last year!

Books were hovering in the air. Like, floating. She screamed, and they fell to the floor. Whipping her head around, she tried to see what was controlling them, but she was alone. Maybe Johnson had dosed her with something that never went away. She was seeing things. Hallucinating. Cautiously, she took a deep breath and focused her thoughts inward. She was jumpy, and she just needed to calm down. Closing her eyes, she counted to ten. When she opened them, the books were still on the floor. Rain bit her lip and bent down again and began picking them up.
Only, the books began to pick themselves up. Slowly, she backed away as the books began placing themselves on the shelves.  Her jaw dropped, and she swallowed hard. Well, at least her crazy delusions were helpful.
“Stop!” A booming voice tore through the stacks, and the books dropped heavily to the floor. She immediately fell to her knees with a shriek and crawled behind a stack.
“Do not be afraid. I’m only trying to protect you.”
Peering around the book stack, she found an old man dressed in a silvery blue robe. He looked kind with a head full of white hair and a short white beard. She would have left her spot of safety to see if he was lost, but he wasn’t hovering in the air. Hovering. Obviously she had died that, and this was hell. Although, hell probably didn’t consist of old men and books.
“I don’t know who you are, but this is my bookstore and you are trespassing. I will call the police,” she said as she ducked out of view again. Her voice shook so that even she didn’t believe her words. She’d really had enough of old men trying to kidnap her.
“I mean you no harm. I simply wish to examine you.”
 Creep. She reevaluated her situation. Hell could very well be full of perverted old men. “Well, I was thoroughly examined a few weeks ago, and the doctors said that I am just fine. Of course, now that I’m hallucinating, I should probably be examined again. In fact, if you could just float on out, I’ll go ahead and make that call.”
“Rain, I assure you it’s in your best interest to get this over with now. Magic attracts magic, and if you don’t get a hold of yours, more witches will be here. And not all of them will simply want to examine you.” Even as he spoke, the stack behind her fell to the floor.
She jumped up, indignant. “How dare you! If any of these books are marked, you will be paying for them!”


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